Services We Provide


Integrated Logistics Support

     - Training

     - Life Cycle Sustainment

     - Supply Chain Management

     - ILS Product Development

Asset Management

     - Inventory of Equipment Assets
     - Equipment Condition Assessments
     - IUID Labeling and Asset Tracking
     - Distributor for Security / Protection / Surveillance Equipment
     - Solutions for the Asset Management Challenged

     - Equipment Storage, Usage, Replacement, Procurement and Disposal 

Program & Project Support

     - Developing and Using Integrated Project Schedules
     - Project Planning in the way the Project will be Implemented
     - Assisting Customers with Defensible and Implementable Project Budgets
     - Tracking, Reporting and Forecasting Status of Programs, Projects, Tasks and Contracts
     - Cost Effectively Tailoring Earned Value Management to the Project
     - Administrative Support to Clients from Executive Program Leaders to Task Managers